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Creative activities to make memories together

We have lovingly crafted a collection of arttachment activities, including painting, making, storytelling, and music. Step-by-step guides provide helpful pointers on how you can encourage healthy attachments, and nurture social, emotional and cognitive development. 


Suggestions for parents to support bonding and development

For each creative activity, we offer guidance for interacting with your child to enhance a wide range of social, emotional and cognitive skills​


Videos about attachment and parenting

Engaging animations bring you the latest scientific insights in child development and the parent-child bond. We translate theory into practice by giving you practical pointers throughout the app so you can confidently apply new parenting knowledge in your daily family life.

How Arttachment helps parents

What Arttachment does

Arttachment is an app for parents of children 0-5. It is created by a team of psychologists and parents to help parents connect with their children through making and creating together.

Supporting the parent-child bond

Increasingly, child development science is confirming the foundational role that parent-child attachment plays in a child’s development. Infants and young children who feel secure are more confident to explore and to learn. By providing accessible activities and pointers about applying child psychology, Arttachment app aims to support parents’ relationships with their children and make it as easy as possible for them to carve out time in their busy life to do something special together.

Science made practical

Equally, learning about child development helps parents gain confidence and resilience. Arttachment provides parents with child psychology knowledge through accessible videos, with insights applied to daily parenting practice. Throughout the parent-child projects in the app, we also help with suggestions derived from child psychology to help you turn the activities into opportunities for emotional, social and cognitive development.

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