Moving in syncrony

Babies seem to understand rythm from birth and love to be gently bounced in tune to music or singing. Find out about some fascinating research on this topic!

Further reading on this topic

Dr Laura Cirelli and her colleagues carried out the research study that found a link between bouncing toddlers in syncrony and their helping behaviour. In this video, the researchers explain more about their research:

Prof Istvan Winkler and his colleagues carried out the study that found babies can detect rythm from birth; you can read more about this in their article describing the research study and findings.

Research has shown that babies not only detect rythm from birth, but they also move in time to music from a very ealy age. Read more about this fascinating topic in this article.

Research on adults has also documented the effects on moving in syncrony on social bonds. To read an overview of research on this fascinating topic, see this article in the Scientific American magazine.