Arttachment is based on our experience as psychologists & parents

Kitty Howarth, DEdPsy

I am an Educational, Child and Community Psychologist and I have over 13 years experience of working with children and applying child psychological theory to practice.

Some of my most valuable experience however, has come from becoming a parent to my two children. Parenthood has coloured in the theory that I have studied for years. Now I can see what real and deep connectivity and attunement feels like and I can recognise how this supports social and emotional resilience.

Diana Onu, PhD

Research psychologist and science communication entrepreneur. My 10 years experience in academic research inspired me to make scientific insights more accessible in people’s lives. Following this passion, I co-founded PsyNovigo, developing apps based on scientific research. Above all experiences, becoming a parent has shown me how empowering knowledge can be. In those early days, knowledge of child psychology helped me be a calmer, more loving, more resilient parent. I am grateful to be part of bringing Art’tachment to parents everywhere.

Dan Marshall, MSc

A dad, psychologist and small business owner. I have spent most of my career working as an applied or research psychologist. In recent years I co-founded a business developing smartphone apps with a firm foundation in research.

I attended the Art’tachment sessions at Kitty’s house and did not just survive, but was deeply moved and inspired by them. So much so, that I am working towards bringing the Art’tachment app into life to share with and to benefit as many parents and carers as possible.

Academic board

Our content is reviewed by experts in the field, and we periodically ask for their input on new app developments. Some of our board members will also be involved in a study evaluating the impact of Arttachment.



We are very thankful to some of the people who have contributed their expertise and patience.